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Certified editors across the globe are associated with ICRP

Our expert team comprises PhDs, MDs, postgraduates, engineers, and even journal peer reviewers who are not only technically competent but also have a deep understanding of the nuances of your subject.


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Enhance your Editorial and administrative effectiveness


The world is moving rapidly by adopting the tagline "Time is really precious." To address the upcoming challenges ICRP has delivered a high quality of service to enhance our publishing and management efficiency. Due to the large volume of submissions, a unique relationship with its authors is hard to manage and to construct. Even, after high indexing, the journals are facing to maintain the high quality of content. ICRP offers a range of services to achieve this goal and to sustain the high quality of work.


Our Editorial Offers

We help to maintain and develop high-quality and help to achieve efficiencies in processes and relationships. we provide customized solutions with different partnership options with a range of benefits.


Why With Us

Maintain Authors Experiences

Millions of authors are finding trusted services. ICRP will help you maintain the author's experience for long-run relationships.

Ability to Manage

Share Expertise

Our editorial team comprises  500+ professional native English editors with publication and peer-review experience.

Market Presence

Web marketing experts will help you to keep a presence in the world market.

Branding and Editing control

ICRP help you to maintain the quality of content and deliver on client expectations, no matter the size of the project. our experts will complete this process in a given or demanded time period

We help and share the goal and scope of academic journals and publishers. As well as, the propagation of the highest possible quality science and academic knowledge.


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  • Author Editorial
  • Journal Support Services
  • Education Services
  • Feedback

English Editing & Formatting

Our primary editing services cover different areas of focus such as bad language or structure and fluency issues which can contribute to journal rejection. A full language, grammar and formatting test is provided in both systems.

Academic Translation

For non-English - speaking authors, ICRP provides translation services, who choose to write in their native language but seek to publish in an English-language journal.

Alternative-Text Writing

To address the challenge of offering sight-impaired readers access to academic and explicitly Scientific, technical and medical (STM) textbooks, we give publishers professional alt-text or alt-tag writing services

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