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Q1: What is ICRP?

ICRP is the abbreviation of international collaboration for research and Publication. The purpose of ICRP is to provide the best service to the authors to get the publication in Scopus indexed Journal.

Our services are

Writing Proofreading Consulting Editing Publication

Q2:How can I submit the paper?

Q3:Would you please share the publication fee?

Every journal has a different publication fee. For the complete details, you have to mention the journal name.

Q4:What is the submission process?

After submission by email we’ll process the manuscript for the short review. After a short review, we’ll share the acceptance news.

Q5:When I will get the letter of acceptance?

A letter of acceptance will be shared after a short review. If your paper will not full fill the minimum criteria for the required jounral then we’ll try to suggest the changes or will recommend the other journal..

Q6:When I’ll pay the publication fee?

You can pay after the letter of acceptance. If you have multiple submission then you have to pay first.

Q7:Can I submit the papers to the journal and share the paper ID with you?

If you want to submit directly to the journal then you’ll not enjoy our services.

Q8:Can you provide the review report?

If you want to submit directly to the journal then you’ll not enjoy our services.

Q9:Can I submit the papers to the journal and share the paper ID with you?

As a mediator, we only provide you the letter of acceptance and final file before the publication. If you required reviewer report then you have to go through the original process.

Q10:Scopus is not showing the continues coverage of th Journals. Can you please guide me?

Truth is that currently, all journal of the world are showing the same status. Actually Scopus refreshes its website two times in a year. Mostly in April and October. That time all data refresh.

Q12:How can I check the journals Quartiles?

You can check through the Scimago website www.scimagojr.com.

Q13:How can I check the journal is Scopus indexed?

You can check through the Scopus website www.scopus.com or send an email to the Scopus help desk.

Q14:After the publication when the paper will be indexed by the Scopus?

Usually, Scopus takes 14 days to 90 days after submission. More: we are only responsible for journal publication. You must check the journal by the Scopus database or other reliable sources. After the publication your paper will not be indexed by Scopus or journal will discontinue from the Scopus then we’ll not responsible in this case. Because these matters are not in our control.

Q15:Can you help me I need any changes after publication?

In this case, we are helpless. Journal will not accept any changes after publication.

Q16:Can I send an email to the journal to check the status of my paper?

Journal will not responsible to give any reply if the paper submitted by our side.

Q17:What is your payment method?

You can pay through PayPal and banking.

Q18:When can I withdraw my paper?

You can withdraw your paper before payment.

Q19:If the paper will not be published?

If in any case your paper will be rejected or not published then we’ll refund your payment. But if the publication delay from the journal side then you have to wait for publication.

Q20:What is your refund Policy?

Please visit our payment info page to refind policy by click here.

Q21:What if the journal will discontinue by Scopus or WOS during the publication process?

This process depends on the journal. Are they allow to withdraw the papers or not. Some condition is involved in this decision

1. Paper is accepted or not.

2. Payment paid or not. If paid then they’ll refund the payment or not.

3. After the payment, now the paper at what stage.

4. If the paper is in production then the journal will not allow withdrawing the paper in any case.

Q22:If the journal will discontinue by Scopus or WOS during the publication process then can I refund the payment?

Yes, you can apply for a refund but this decision also depends on the following condition.

1. If ICRP already paid to the journal them in this case it depends on the journal. If the journal will refund us then we’ll be able to refund.

2. If ICRP not paid yet to the journal, then ICRP will refund the payment after deducting the editing and payment processing charges.

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