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International Collaboration for Research &Publication (ICRP) is a member of Crossref and an independent supporting organization specialized in publishing high-quality journals, proceedings the manuscripts, theses, and books, across a wide range of academic areas. ICRP is aiming is to provide the network to extend the academic spirit of innovation and literacy in research.

ICRP is welcome researchers, educators, professors, scientists & professionals to share their knowledge through one platform ICRP is a scientific and research centre that is developed and supported by researchers, educators, professors, scientists, and professionals around the globe. In partnership with the research community, institutions, educational institutions, & industry ICRP believe to support and promote education and research. ICRP offers an established periodical the opportunity to facilitate the researchers and public awareness of the journal’s publications. Original and peer-reviewed research papers from all over the world are offered by the ICRP journals to their international readership.

Our Mission

To offer the spirit of creativity in the academic field by joining the most trusted indexers in the world.

Our Vision

Exploring and supporting the world’s hidden talents‎.
‎‎To become the most trusted helper‎.
‎‎‎‎To provide the quality of content by expanding the spirit of creativity and literacy in academia.

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Excellence, engagement, integrity

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