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Certified editors across the globe are associated with ICRP

Our expert team comprises PhDs, MDs, postgraduates, engineers, and even journal peer reviewers who are not only technically competent but also have a deep understanding of the nuances of your subject.

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Enhance your publishing chances

Enhance your publishing chances Time is truly precious. the method involves many obstacles when you try to get correct publications after complete the research paper. Whether you are a research student or senior researcher, in all the processes to find the right place for right publications its also a very very tricky task.

Without following the right path, By making the wrong submission, 80 percent of papers are rejected during the submission process. To deal with rejection, our experts will help you to make the research process smooth and acceptable. Experts will identify the right journal as per the scope of your research with what’s you want in a specific and limited time period.

Avoid rejection?

Based on the 5 years of experience, we found some important points which become the cause of the rejection. here are the top 8 reasons you might be getting rejected.

  • Mismatch bet journal scope of the study and Journal Scope.
  • Editor of journal found weeks content
  • Research Gap and Focused of the stuy not clear
  • Research Design and inaccuracy of data
  • Weak and mismatch literature review
  • Problems with your supplementing tables and figures
  • Inarticulate writing and weak paper structure
  • Non-conformance with journal requirements

Accelerate your publication journey

Get your own assistant to navigate complex journal submission processes that can save you from rejection and get you published faster.

Our Publication Services

-Journal Selection

The first and important step to finding the right journal as per the scope of the study and your requirement. Our experts go through your manuscript and recommend the top 3 to 5 most suitable journals.

-Pre-submission Peer Review

By following the journal policy our experts identify missing gaps in scope os the study, literature, and methodology with a thorough technical review before your paper is submitted to your selected journal.

-Journal Submission process

The first and important step but it's very complicated. Our experts take over and help you with everything that’s needed to submit your manuscript.

-Presentation and guidelines Preparation

Our Editors will help to tp follow the journals guidelines and can modify complex figures with great accuracy and aesthetic improvements in presented paper.

-Plagiarism Check

-Our editors will help to check the plagiarism and modified and edit the that parts of the papers but follow the study scopes and journals requirements. That may get flagged by the journal for accidental plagiarism.

-Premium proofreading

-Our experts will help you to improve the language, fluency, and structure of your manuscript and get unlimited proofreading, re-editing and reformatting support for multiple journals

How ICRP turns your paper into a powerful statement of your research

STEP - 1!


To ensure subject-specific editing, we use our unique internally developed editor-selection algorithm to find the most suitable editor for your paper. Upon your request, we can also assign your document to the editor of your choice

STEP - 2!


The editor checks your document for grammatical and technical errors, makes formatting changes according to the journal’s guidelines, and communicates the changes and suggestions via comments. Your manuscript is checked from the journal’s and reader’s points of view.

STEP - 3!


The edited and formatted paper is assigned to a senior reviewer with expertise in your subject area for a thorough re-check. This is done to ensure that the document you receive is error-free and ready for submission

STEP - 4 !


You can avail of discounted or free re-editing in case you revise your paper after receiving the edited document. Our editors will modify your paper according to the journal’s review and re-format your paper in case you select another journal. Our editors are available to provide you with continuous suppor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit the paper?

You can submit by email to publications@icrp.org.uk.

Would you please share the publication fee?

What is the submission process?

After submission by email we’ll process the manuscript for the short review. After a short review, we’ll share the acceptance news.

When I will get the letter of acceptance?

A letter of acceptance will be shared after a short review. If your paper will not full fill the minimum criteria for the required jounral then we’ll try to suggest the changes or will recommend the other journal.

When I’ll pay the publication fee?

You can pay after the letter of acceptance. If you have multiple submission then you have to pay first.

Can I submit the papers to the journal and share the paper ID with you?

If you want to submit directly to the journal then you’ll not enjoy our services.

Can you provide the review report?

As a mediator, we only provide you the letter of acceptance and final file before the publication. If you required reviewer report then you have to go through the original process..

Scopus is not showing the continues coverage of th Journals. Can you please guide me?

Truth is that currently, all journal of the world are showing the same status. Actually Scopus refreshes its website two times in a year. Mostly in April and October. That time all data refresh.

How can I check the journals Quartiles?

You can check through the Scimago website www.scimagojr.com

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