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ICRP published quality research in diversified and quality research journals. Our purpose is to enhance the quality in the academic field and to ensure balanced as well as inclusive quantitative and qualitative evaluation, our experts can make monitoring and provide the opportunities to achieve through the double-blind peer-reviewed research process and contribute by dedicated academicians.



To maintain the quality of published work ICRP provides sponsorship and research grants to well known academic journals and conferences. The main purpose of the ICRP is to build collaboration between the talent of the world and promoters.


Interested publishers, journals, and researchers may email their proposals to publications@icrp.org.uk


Research Grant

ICRP is interested in proposals for research that encourage academic creativity. One of ICRP's key tasks is promoting academic research. The centre has set up a research grant program to fund research initiatives in various fields, including management, industry, entrepreneurship, education, social science, and economies.

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Application information:

Interested researchers and organizations may send their proposals in any of the following areas to ICRP at publications@icrp.org.uk

When your preliminary grant application has been officially accepted, you will be requested to draft a Formal Grant Proposal. Ideally, the proposals should: Produce high-quality papers.

Be commercialized.

Return the financial aid after being commercialized.

Table of Content

Interested researchers may email the preliminary research proposal including

  • Introduction
  • Scope of the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Literature review
  • Research methodology
  • Initial assumptions
  • Expected output
  • Research milestones
  • Research Gantt chart and important references, as well as estimated budget in less than 10 pages,) to publications@icrp.org.uk




In addition, the ICRP gives access to research funds, sponsorships, research consultation, journal indexing, and publisher indexing. You can send the proposal and journal links to be evaluated by email for this reason.

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